KwanzaaFest 2022 - HealthFest

KwanzaaFest HealthFest addresses the needs of both the underinsured and uninsured through offering free humanitarian health services. KwanzaaFest, Inc. strategically plans the annual KwanzaaFest event to be held in a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services identified Medically Underserved Area and Health Care Professional Shortage Area. Through creative partnerships, KwanzaaFest HealthFest provides effective and efficient linkages to critical health services and sustainable health care.
The demonstrated need for this event is evidenced by the growth of HealthFest from offering 3,000 health screenings in 2005 to now more than 35,000 health screenings! HealthFest provides free services with an equivalent reaching over $450,000 in free healthcare. This offers a value-based return of each sponsor dollar invested in KwanzaaFest HealthFest. The Venue has Value couldn't be more true!
Inspired by the outcomes resulting from KwanzaaFest’s HealthFest, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price created the District 3 Public Health Advisory Council in January 2006. Commissioner Price seated the council with key stakeholders from the greater Dallas health community, including administers of local hospitals; medical school staff; federal and local public health officials and representatives from national health organizations as well as local community-based programs. He charged membership to focus on innovative solutions to health-related issues and disparities that affect constituents beyond the walls of HealthFest. To realize this charge, the following council goals were established:
  1. Increase the level of support for health-related initiatives, with a special focus on the Dallas County District 3 sector;
  2. Serve as a conduit for health information and resources to providers and the community; and
  3. Evaluate and improve overall health emphasis through community outreach activities
KwanzaaFest HealthFest also obtains health related data that helps drive the planning process for future health events to meet our community’s health needs! This information is utilized by the District 3 Public Health Advisory Council to implement year round local initiatives.